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Juki is a sophisticated financial calculator which is very easy to use and available as an App for iPhone, iPad and Android as well as running in a standard web browser to perform offline calculations. The calculations are for daily or equal periods to price leases, mortgages, hire purchase and commercial loans. The frequency of repayments may be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual and there may be any number of repayment profiles each of which may be fixed or calculated to achieve a yield or NPV of profit.

Juki has been internationalised to enable European, US and Chinese date formats and optional adjustments for business days. The user may choose from English, German, French, Spanish, Greek or Chinese as the display language.

There is a free version of Juki and two paid for versions:

i) Juki Premium gives you the facility to save quotes and then share them with other Juki users or simply email a cash flow to a colleague

ii) Juki Enterprise takes the Juki Premium facilities one stage further by enabling quotes to be imported into a lease or loan administration system where the proposal may be progressed with messages and documents passed between the central system and users on their App or browser platform

Check out our lease/load adminsitration system here: Solar

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