What we do

Copernicus offer tailor made training courses to lessors and banks. We use our extensive experience and technical knowledge of the asset finance industry to deliver top quality training courses to our clients. Topics include, The Time Value of Money, Basic Evaluation Techniques, The Financial Impact of Leasing and various aspects of Lease Accounting. Signing up for one of our courses will help deliver and drive innovation within your business, please contact us to find out more.

Why we offer this service

Copernicus was established in 1982 by a team of experienced professionals with the aim of providing top quality services and products to world class financial institutions and banks. Since Copernicus inception we have been active in asset finance and leasing. Copernicus have a great track record of success over the years and we deliver our services globally, especially in the UK, Europe, US, China, Africa and Asia. This global experience and success give us a truly unique position within the asset finance industry which is why we offer this service, as we believe we are the only organisation that can deliver a truly unique training experience that delivers real value.

How we offer this service

Here are two examples of how our training can fit in with your needs:

We deliver you a list of ready-made courses that you may sign up for and you chose which ones you think will be appropriate. These can be web or classroom based.

We perform an analysis of your business to help identify areas that could be improved upon and then tailor a course around that need which may again be web or classroom based.

This is just a couple of examples of how we can deliver a training course to you but we would be pleased to consider other requests including written courses that can be followed when time is available. Free software from Copernicus may be used in training to determine cash flows, Time value of money (TVM) calculations, etc. and this can be retained for further use after the course is over. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide a no obligation quote.