Our Values

• Copernicus is a Values-led business. Our shared Values govern what we do and how we do it and are central to our mission to always do the right thing; they mark out what makes us special and distinctive for all our stakeholders and are core to the way every Copernicus team member undertakes their role.

INTEGRITY - Being fair, open and honest in our dealings with people and sensitive and discreet with the information entrusted to us. Working to minimise the environmental impact of our work in the communities in which we work.

IMAGINATION - Constantly seeking new methodologies, products, processes and services to improve our productivity and customer experiences, identifying opportunities to enhance the environments in which we work.

QUALITY - Being the very best we can – delivering our services with speed, accuracy and a real empathy for our customers.

DIVERSITY - Valuing and respecting our colleagues, clients and customers, understanding their different goals and objectives and how they contribute to the overall success of our company. Embracing diversity in all areas and creating an environment where all talents, skills and abilities are recognised and nurtured to their full.

ETHICS - Maintaining the highest standard of business principles, ensuring our personal conduct and service are professional and ethical operating to the very highest levels at all times.

TEAMWORK - Empowering the individual, encouraging open communication and co-ordination to achieve a happy, efficient team focused on our corporate objectives.

• These Values are far more than simply words; where our strategy will develop, these Values are a fixed point that outline ‘How’ we operate and are the starting point for everything we do.