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Solar is our core operating platform developed with the capacity to be tailored to customer requirements through our bespoke development service.

Solar is a web native asset finance pricing, administration, accounting and reporting system. It provides customers with the capability to manage their business operations from agreement inception to conclusion, including proposal management, collections, repairs, servicing and inspections management. Standard products include Hire Purchase (HP), Lease, Loan, Operating Lease and Contract Hire; other products include equalised repayments, Murabaha, Bill and collect (disclosed and undisclosed).

The platform has a sophisticated decisioning and credit scoring facilities which can be used, for example, to ensure that certain criteria have been achieved before allowing progress of the workflow. It also operates with a powerful calculation engine that supports; pricing, income, variable rate and settlement calculations to ensure consistency throughout a contract's lifecycle.

Solar can handle any payment structure and multiple drawdowns and other complex cash flows including commissions, maintenance and insurance. Easy to use, Solar uses as standard web browser with the controls that users are already familiar with and is available as either a hosted solution or, for larger clients, as an in-house system.

Further demonstrating its flexibility and agility, VAT rates may be updated daily, US Sales Tax rates can be retrieved automatically by ZIP code for state, county, city and special rates with the detail stored for settlement purposes.

Not only is Solar a smart and flexible financial services administration platform, its capabilities extend to supporting marketing. The marketing campaigns management module supports email campaign management from its contacts database, tracking response to provide a measurable ROI.

Solar delivers the most robust, flexible and complete asset finance software package in the industry and we are very proud of it.


Juki is the ultimate lease and loan calculator. There are no structures Juki cannot handle.

Juki is available as an app for your phone, tablet or as a desktop application for your PC & laptop or as a RESTful API so you can create your own calculator.

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Purchase & download Juki Desktop now. Offline calculations on your Laptop/PC available at your fingertips. Easy integration into your back-end leasing system.

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Custom & Consultancy

In an ever-changing operating environment, businesses can benefit from the type of ‘outside-in’ perspective delivered by our consultants. Not only do they understand technology, their global assignments ensure that they are a mine of ideas and emerging best practices.

Whether it be helping a business to address business, IT systems challenges or to help ‘de-mystify’ technology issues to help drive strategic planning our consultants have demonstrated measurable value to a roster of clients over a sustained period of time.