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We de-mystify asset finance technology, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes

Market Expertise

We are all about technology for the financial services community. Solving the technical, regulatory and accounting challenges regardless of country of origin is our passion and we are good at it. Now overlay a capacity to deliver, adapt and develop technology that works out of the box and is easy to use and our technical prowess is evident.

What is particularly smart about our approach is that our focus on agile methodology is not only geared to the way we develop our software but the way we launch and support the very people who use it.

Our success is about our client’s success, turning their business goals into reality, energetically and with a smile.

Global Reach

We are proud to work in; Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle-East. Each market has its own distinctive needs in terms of regulatory, technical and cultural nuances. Years of experience has taught us how to embrace this diversity and how to tackle it.

Allocating the right, expert resources to each project and investing continuously in resources such as understanding taxation and reporting requirements means that helping our customers, regardless of geography, is second nature to how we work.

The 'Techie' Stuff

We always welcome the opportunity to talk about and share our insights on the technical aspects of software development. Our many years of experience means that we understand the challenges of legacy systems (the chances are that one of our team will have worked on it in the past) and also invest heavily in ensuring that we are at the leading edge of software development.

Today, our core Solar product uses Microsoft's .NET framework and SQL Server 2014 with their latest security technology based on Open Authentication Standards.

.NET is a Framework that supports building and running the next generation of apps and services. We like it because it enables us to create software that communicates to industry standards, ensuring that it can easily integrate with any other code.