Welcome to the world of Copernicus

We are a global and rapidly expanding financial services software developer and provider working with a wide range of financial services organisations with smart technology that runs all or defined parts of their business effectively. Delivering technology that drives our customers’ success is what, in turn, has driven ours, and we never forget this.

Headquartered in the UK and with an office in the USA, ‘Team Copernicus’ is proudly staffed by ‘techie’ people, who understand both code and business; it is what makes us different. We pride ourselves on our ‘can do’ hands-on approach and our capacity to develop our technology to suit the needs of customers from the very large to the more modest and we have been doing it since 1982 very successfully.

Committed to sustained growth through the provision of imaginative and pragmatic solutions that work ‘out of the box’ the business’ depth of finance industry expertise is such that as well as developing software we are proud to support clients with our consultancy expertise, sharing our insights and knowledge, helping to take best practices from one market to another.

Today, clients include; banks, financial institutions, vendors and brokers with implementations in the UK, Europe, US, China, Africa and Asia.